I’m a liberal.  I’ve always been a liberal. I’m proud of being a liberal and all that I believe that connotates. To me being a liberal means that I’m compassionate, concerned for my fellow creatures great and small.  Books not bombs.  Love not war.  Healthcare for All. A Union Delegate. No way am I going to cop out and call myself a “progressive” because some blowhard radio talkshow host turned liberal into a bad word. Oh, no.  I am Liberal.  Hear me roar.

And then something changed in my life.  I took a job for a government agency.  I work for a municipal office that provides vital records; birth, death, marriage. Because of the services we provide in my department, I deal with people from all walks of life. Let me tell you, once I started dealing with the general public, I began question all that I held holy and true. That’s me in the corner losing my religion.